Are we there yet…?

No. Not quiet, almost…

Here she is. Our very own new Roller Team 590 T Line motorhome. She will be ready for collection end of March. Right now we are spending time trawling the internet for all the stuff we need to kit her out ready for our adventures. We will probably do a few nights

RT 590 T Line
RT 590 T Line

around the UK as a bit of a ‘shake down’ to see what works and what doesn’t. We can’t wait…

We spent a whole two hours in a sweltering 4 degrees of cold at the dealers today measuring every single cupboard, drawer and space that we could find. We have built up an extensive list from knives, forks and spoons to hi-tech alarms and tracker systems.

There is still quite a bit to do and stuff to buy, but come the start of April she will be well kitted out and ready to go… Hmmm. Where to first…?

Here we go…!

So our sailing boat has been passed on to new owners who we hope will love her as much as us. After 13 fantastic years in the Med and the UK we decided on a change.

Del & H
Derek and Hayley Jones

How about a motorhome? Everyones at it. We did a lot of reasearch into what motorhoming was all about, the pros the cons and so on, shortlisting all the compact vans that were around. Why compact? We don’t need a big van, it’s only us two and maybe, just maybe a dog later…A compact van is easier to handle and manouver on some of the more challenging roads and cheaper on the ferries.

Which one shall we get…?