1st August 2020

Maisnil les Ruitz – Cappy 90 km

Today we are making for the Somme Valley and to a small town called Cappy. There is a small site there where you can set yourself up for just 11 euros. It’s quiet and private, right in the Somme Valley. It’s just over a 1-hour drive from Maisnil Les Ruitz to Cappy. After we pay out 11 euros we can choose our own spot. We get settled in. Once again it’s a warm bright sunny day. We sit and soak up the sun chatting about everything and anything before setting off for a short bike ride into Cappy, along the canal to a small railway museum which is near closing time. It’s an interesting place. Back in the day, the British and French armies used this small gauge railway line to move armaments to the battlefield which is but a stone’s throw away. We should probably stay and have a closer look.

Cappy Station. Probably the smallest station in the world?

The next stop is Cappy town or village. Like most of the towns and villages in France Cappy is a delight to walk (or cycle) around. The town hall or “Marie” is charming. It doesn’t take long to cycle around and we exit for a short bike ride down the canal which has a small marina. It’s a lovely day and people are out and about lying in the sun, picnicking, just doing the stuff you do on a hot summer day.

Cappy by the river (with a canal on the other side)

Does anyone know why the French build a canal next to a river?

Enough of this. Back to the van for a fantastic dinner in the setting sun. Tonight it’s paella. Hayley, who is from Stockport, does the best Spanish paella which goes well with a white wine spritzer.

So do we stay another day or move on?