3rd August 2020

Cappy to Presles et Boves – 122km

It’s a big country is France. We are on our way to the French Alps way down in the south-east corner near Switzerland and we are still only just somewhere up north. Time to leave the Somme Valley and make some progress. The weather has taken a slight turn, cloudier, cooler with the odd heavy shower.

We set off from Cappy around 11 am after doing a full service on the van and off we go. Today we are setting up on the side of a canal which runs alongside the river Aisne. The site is a simple but charming place with lots of space. We are really just using this place to make some kind of progress through the country.

Nothing much here, we go for a walk into the small town and pick up some fruit and head back for a large batch of Hayley’s homemade Quesadillas. Ace.

Always a winner…

The evening is cool and the sky is full of heavy black clouds that, for now, don’t really do much. Apparently it’s a blisteringly hot back home. Oh well, tomorrow promises to be a return to the hot weather…

Our next stop is probably somewhere around the Troyes area which is still northern France, southeast of Paris or 2 inches depending on which map you are looking at.

Tucked away safe for the night.