8th August 2020

Today we are on the move again, but only just, all 100 feet. Last night we took the decision to stay here in Vouecourt just one more night but this time to a different spot, closer to the river next to a small rocky weir and a little shadier.

All day shade for Jess. For a change

We are up at our usual time just in time for the bread man to arrive with fresh croissants for breakfast, pack up our stuff and move the 100 feet along the river bank to our new place. It’s lovely, under a nice big shady tree and with a new view.

Nothing happening today. We will just sit in the shade and watch the river go by.

We are watching the virus developments closely, we had a plan to do an overnighter in a day or two in Switzerland but the area we wanted to go to is a “red” area so we are staying away, unless of course it changes.

Del gets stung by a nasty wasp. There are a lot of them about this year, so much so the news has made the headlines here in France.

Special measures in sting prevention

This wasp thought it might be a wheeze to fly up the front of his t-shirt and sting him on the belly.

A fantastic dinner tonight right on the river. The wasps tend to disappear by 8pm so we are left in peace as the sun sets at the end of another smashing day.

Last dinner in Vouecourt

Tomorrow we are definitely on the move with two short days to go before arriving at the French Alps, probably around Annecy.