9th August 2020

Vouecourt to Seurre – 175km

It is a truly beautiful day today, just the very best you could have. We have woken up in our new spot further along the river and the sun is just coming over the trees on the hill, the river is sparkling, and already it’s warm.

It’s going to be a hot day today so they say, already at 8 in the morning the temperature is in the mid to high 20s. Scrambled eggs with smoked salmon with a side of avocado and black coffee to start the day. It will be a long day today which is ok, we have almost taken root here after 4 days but it has been worth it. Today we are moving on. This time it’s for real.

A quick van service and a shop at the local supermarket and we are on our way, while we are waiting for the freshwater tank to fill up, Hayley catches this little fellow up to his knees in pollen.

Hard at work for a Sunday

It’s hot today, 34 degrees for the most part as we take a toll motorway to Seurre which is three hours from the Swiss border. We stay in a very pleasant site close to the river Saone. It’s hot, even in the shade, we get a breeze blowing through but it’s just hot air. Getting to the French Alps will be a welcome break from this heat.