Wednesday 12th August 2020

We are staying put today. We wanted to catch the sunrise coming up over Mont Blanc, we’ve seen the sunrise over Grimsby Port so why not Mont Blanc? Also, the views here are just amazing, the temperature is perfect, it’s just too good to go yet, there is more to see.

We start the day at about 06:30 am and crack open a few blinds on the van to catch the sunrise. It didn’t disappoint, it was very much worth it.

Sunrise at Mont Blonc

Back to bed for an hour, breakfast, and a two-hour walk where we bought more of the best goat’s cheese in the world.

It’s a lovely day and after the walk, the plan is to have lunch at one of the local restaurants that we booked yesterday. It’s rubbish. In the end, they ignore the reservations and make everyone wait outside in the boiling heat, and none of the tables were shaded, and to top it all the staff where a little brusque shall we say. Anyway, so we give up and go done the hill a little to the next one which is more expensive but well shaded, nice friendly staff and we had the most amazing lunch of local fare, a tartiflette which is basically potatoes grilled with lardons and the local Roublechon cheese. Served with a green salad and a plate of mixed cold meats washed down with an ice-cold rose. Well, can Wednesdays be any better?

Local dish of tartiflette

A short walk back to our base for a lazy afternoon into the evening, no dinner just a few drinks in the “Jess lounge Bar” and to bed.

Where to tomorrow?