Friday 14th August 2020

Annecy to Le Grand-Bornand – 32km

Overnight we had some very heavy rain, but really heavy. About time, the French have had a severe drought in some places so it will have been a godsend. It started at about 7 pm and went on non-stop until about 2 am so we are feeling a little groggy due to the lack of real sleep.

Today we are going up to Mont Lachat. A popular place for skiers and paragliders, girls and boys that put on a crash hat and jump off a mountain and float about for an hour or two before landing in someone’s garden.

The first part of the trip is a telecabin cable car, which is brilliant. Again not very busy here and the locals are very good at the social distancing thing here and very pleased to see us. The 12 euro return trip is well worth the money, the second and longest part of the journey is an open chairlift to the summit of Lachat.

What an view, stunning, it’s just painful to the eyes the vastness of the mountains and hills here, so steep and so long. An amazing sight.

We watch some girls and boys in crash hats jump off the edge unfolding some tissue paper-like canopies as they go. Frighting to watch but probably very very exhilarating. Nah, we will keep our feet on terra firma thanks.

After an hour or two we head back down in the cable car back into the town for an ice cream before starting up Jess and setting off for the town of Beaufort and a campsite. Yes, today we will pay for the night. Not done that in a while.

Le Grand-Bornand to Beaufort – 58km

More long twisting roads. Hayley is driving today and negotiates it all very well. Tight bends, big trucks, and cyclists, yes lots of cyclists, tons of them. At one point we were overtaken by one!

Hard work

The campsite is ok, not the best we have stayed at but it’s a chance to do some laundry, plug the van into some electricity and get all our tech charged up.

On reflection, this place is quite nice, set amongst steep tree-covered hills and a beautiful blue sky. Dinner outside tonight. A lovely evening.

Note, the laundry. It has to be done.