Saturday 16th August 2020

Beaufort to Bourgneuf – 47km

It’s a public holiday today in France, something about Mary going up to heaven! Oh and anyone going to the UK from France now has to quarantine for 14 days. We did see that coming probably before the government did!

Today we have set a new record for heat in the van, a staggering 41 degrees…

A new record inside the van

We are just trundling our way around the wonderful French Alps. It’s brilliant, the views are amazing but the roads around these parts can sometimes be challenging. Today we are in Bourgneuf a tiny village not far from Albertville, home of the 1992 winter Olympics.

We have a smashing spot, free again, with an amazing view of, yes, more mountains. It’s so hot though today. We manage a walk but the temperature just wears you down.

A quiet peaceful day today, we have some good shade against some trees but the van is just baking. By 8 pm the temp starts to fall so dinner is had as the only local restaurant has closed because of the bank holiday. We have a great dinner all the same.