Sunday 16th August 2020

Bourgneuf to La Chambre – 35km

After a warm night in the van with temperatures at low 30s, this morning we wake up to a cool fresh day with patchy cloud. We are 300m above sea level and today we are going back uphill, this Alps thing is all up and down and today it’s up!

We do a full van service today and, after nearly three weeks a full van wash, all 12 euros of it, but it is well worth it. If there is one thing the French do well and that’s car, van, and truck washing facilities. She now looks her best again.

First wash after nearly 3 weeks.

Today we are heading for the beautiful town of La Chambre, (The Room?). Sure enough, it is very pretty and has a shop or “laiterie”, cheesemaker, 72nd on some kind of cheese tour route. Great. We are lucky to be parked right next to it.

It’s much cooler today with the threat of rain later on in the early evening so we set off for a walk around the small town. It’s a very nice place, just a high street, and a church but it’s very charming, clean, tidy and shut, it’s a Sunday.

La Chambre on a Sunday. Shut!

Just before going back to the van and calling it a day, we take a good walk in the nearby forest. We walk much further than we thought and maybe shouldn’t have done without our sturdy walking boots.

Tomorrow we are heading for the Mont Cenis Lake, more than 2 kms above sea level. The highest we have all been as a bunch.