Wednesday 19th August 2020

Lac du Bourget to Thones – 81km

We loved the Lake Cenis spot, it was amazing but we learned a lesson on altitude sickness. We will definitely go again but next time NO DRINK and easy on the exercise. We make a nice peaceful recovery at Lake Bourget, a place that we have been to before but we didn’t stay in the campsite the last time, there is a parking place just outside for a few euros, but we felt we needed a bit of a reset this time so opted for the campsite which was perfect.

Today we are heading to the town of Thones which is the capital of Roublechon cheese. The cows here are allowed to wander around free and to eat the fine grass and flowers that grow on the French Alps producing the finest cheese. Can be expensive but well worth it if you like cheese. We do!

After an hour and a half drive again through the best views you can drive through, we arrive at a spot that Hayley has found just on the road out of Thones and on a stream. It’s beautiful.

We are surrounded by tree-covered mountains with a stream bubbling at the back of the van. Stunning. The weather is bright and sunny and everything just looks beautiful and as nature intended.

Once set up and comfortable we take a short walk around the town which is clean, tidy, and charming. Coffee and cake have to be had so we find a nice French patisserie and have a couple of very fancy cakes, tea, and coffee. Wonderful.

Fancy French cakes…

We are planning dinner at the van tonight so it’s back to base just as the clouds are gathering which is followed by a shower of rain, nothing major but enough to cancel dinner at the back of the van next to the stream. Tomorrow maybe?

Instead, we settle for a Pizza in town, not your typical cheese and tomato with another couple of toppings but a cream pizza with lots of the local Roublechon cheese. Well, why not…

A lovely day in a lovely town. Maybe we should stay another day.