Thursday 20th August 2020

This morning in Thones is clear and bright. Deep blue sky and clean fresh air. There was another short shower of rain in the night but the morning is just beautiful. A joy. We never use phrases or words like that but when you wake up to a day and view as we have then yes it’s a joy! So glad we stayed…

This morning we will take a walk for a couple of hours to a small village called Les Clefs, which takes in a small 2000-year-old Roman bridge that just happened to be here. It’s about an hour there and back so it’ll be enough as the weather is forecast to be hot again 30+ degrees.

On with the sturdy boots and off we go…

A lovely walk with some great views once again. Back at the van, we sit for the afternoon in the shade while Hayley plots up the route for the next few days.

Plotting and a routing

Tonight we manage our dinner at the back of the van next to the stream.

What a day.