Sunday 23rd August 2020

Thones to La Reposoir – 31 km

We are full of gas, fresh water, the grey water tank is empty and the toilet freshened up. Very important the last one. Today we are going uphill again, another steep and windy climb en route to the town of Reposoir which is on the “Route de Grandes Alpes”. It’s a beautiful small town set down in a valley. On the way back down we get to see the whole town below us. The drive today was challenging for Hayley once again, tight hairpin bends, no barriers, and on occasion when other motorhomes are passing, only 2 inches to spare before a sheer drop. No kidding, it was quite a drive.

Soon we are settled into a nice little spot in this free overnight parking place designed for motorhomes. In fact, it is the prettiest we have come across, the service area is even decorated with stunning flower arrangments. Nice.

The prettiest toilet for a van

The towns in the French Alps are famous for the flowers lining the streets and in people’s homes. The colours are quite dazzling in the sun as the Alpine-style houses are terraced and staggered up the mounting passes. This place really does have some of the best scenery on earth, the height and size of the tree-filled mountains are just breathtaking.

A quiet day with a short walk into town and a coffee at the local cafe. Tomorrow we will have a good walk before a late departure to get to Chamonix for our Mont Blanc cable car ride. It’s very nice here. All we can hear is the odd cockerel kicking off along with the unmistakable sound of the Alps – cowbells…