Wednesday 26th August 2020

We like it up here in Plateau d’Assy, we have a good spot with a view of Mont Blanc and there are lots of things to see and do. Shall we have another day here? Yeah why not, the weather is hot and sunny and we have the best view however, we have no shade so we relocate to a field lower down in this wonderful park. This will allow us to get our awning out which will give us shade, we can get our table and chairs out and settle in. What a place.

Our new location. Oh, look what’s behind us…

No better way to start the day but with a nice walk. There is a beautiful lake which is an hour away so we get the boots on at 9am and we are off. The walk is about 30 minutes past some tree houses that you can rent, if you’re adventurous. Soon we come to a clearing and we are at Lac Vert, or Green Lake. Before walking the circumference of the lake, which isn’t very big really, we find a restaurant that has just opened up so we take a seat on the terrace for a coffee with a view of…? Yes Mont Blanc.

Morning coffee

The walk around the lake is lovely, we can see why it’s called Lake Vert, the water is crystal clear with a slight shade of green to it. It’s nice and sheltered, surrounded by trees. There are some people having breakfast here, some have clearly been camping here and why not, it is a lovely spot.

Our walk back takes us back through the tree house village and back to our van. We pack up, secure everything and make for our spot. In no time at all we are parked up, awning out, table and chairs out and basking in the early afternoon sun. Perfect. We are getting quite good at this setting up in a new spot carry on. As soon as we stop the spirit level is out to check for a bad incline, wheel ramps out just in case, Hayley carefully checks our position to get the most from both shade and sun.

By late afternoon it’s still quite warm but we decided it’s time for another walk this time a little more challenging, a hill, a steep hill. Its hot and hard work after about 45 minutes we give us and watch with fear at some people using large pieces of tissue paper as a parachute device and jumping off a hill to slowly descend elegantly into the valley below. Mad….

Let’s just jump of this hill shall we…

A very pleasant evening under the awning and the shade of the van after consuming a wonderful paella with a full view of…? Yes Mont Blanc. Getting fed up with that thing now.

Just another Wednesday.