Monday 31st August 2020

Port Lesney to Cromery – 66km

Today the weather is dry but cool, we are still snaking our way through the Jura mountains. We are on the lookout for a campsite by the water – a canal or river. She’s a bit good at this, but Hayley finds us a fantastic place right on the river Ognon in Haute Saone, the site is run by a Belgian husband and wife team and by the reading of it looks fabulous.

Hayley’s turn at the wheel today and in just under an hour we are in the town of Cromery and Camping Verte Rive which is as it says right on the river. We are welcomed by the guy who is very friendly and very helpful and we get a pitch right on the banks of the river. Such a shame that the weather is a bit on the cool and the grey side but who cares, it’s a lovely place run by lovely people.

We are indeed greeted by a very friendly Belgian chap who shows us a pitch right by the river, within 30 minutes we are set up and comfortable, quickly followed by a lunch in the cool pre-autumn air. Being Belgian they have a nice collection of Belgian beers, so when in Rome etc…

The remains of a simple but filling lunch by the river. Spot the large beer glass.

The rest of the day is easy-paced, laundry, and van cleaning which involves opening all the door and windows, floor cleaning, wall cleaning, and window cleaning all a bit dull but necessary in such a small place. The day is finally topped off with another fabulous dinner by Hayley.


Our current trip is supposed to end on the 5th of September when we are supposed to be on a ferry from Calais to Dover. Upon our return, we are expected to go into quarantine for 14 days, no idea why! We have decided to extend our travels for two more weeks in Germany to avoid this, as Germany is quarantine free. So after today or tomorrow, we will leave France and cross the border into Germany at Mulhouse. On the 19th of September, we will do a nonstop drive from Saarburg in Germany to the Calais Eurotunnel terminal, as we are only allowed to transit through France thus avoiding quarantine. Whew!