Thursday 27th August 2020

Plateau d’Assy to Combloux – 20km

Today will probably be our last day in the French Alps. All good things almost come to an end, we have today to find a nice spot to enjoy the rest of the scenery before moving north towards the Jura Mountain region.

We make an early departure from Passy, the descent is once again full of driving challenges so much so that at one point we had to turn around as the road became far too narrow. Google doesn’t always get it right. What a drive though. Look at the map above…

Our next stop is the small ski resort of Combloux to a free stop just outside the town. Once we find the place and park up we take a walk into the charming town of Combloux which is surrounded by the mountains of Mont Blanc and tree-filled hills and mountains. We are also back in the land of cowbells. A sound that has been absent for the past few days, a welcome sound. In town, we buy some local charcuterie and cheese, a stick of bread, and head back to the van and set up on a table at the stop and have a fantastic picnic lunch. Excellent.

Local picnic with local “stuff”

A quiet night tonight, no dinner after the huge lunch in the afternoon heat.

Tomorrow we are leaving the area of the Alps for the Jura Mountains just in time for the weekend. For our last night, we get an excellent sunset before the clouds move in and the rain starts.

Our last view of Mont Blanc