Monday 10th August 2020

Seurre to Condes 115km

Yesterday and last night, in particular, was the hottest that we have experienced so far. The temperature inside the van at 9 pm was 37 degrees and it didn’t really change much as we went through the night. We did however have a most fabulous dinner, a peach, prosciutto ham, blue cheese, and walnut salad, with anchovy and tomato bread. It was a brilliant feast and perfect for the hot night. One to remember.

Last night’s fine dining in the heat!
Temperature at 9 pm.

We did have the idea to stay another night but decided to make our way to the Alps where we hope it will be cooler. Breakfast is done and we are soon on our way. No toll roads today so we find ourselves threading through small French villages, getting some speed up on the roads that connect them all. They do have some lovely countryside here to drive through, you can find yourself being the only vehicle on the road sometimes.

After what feels like a long couple of hours we arrive at the municipal campsite in Condes. It’s basic, friendly, and cheap, but the best part is that we manage to get a spot right on the Lac de Coiselet. What a view. A vast lake before us with an imposing mounting range on the other side. It’s hot. Not as hot as yesterday, but hot all the same.

Today’s view

We take a short walk but the heat is getting the better of us. Back at the van we set up and Hayley gets all her books, guides, and phone out and she starts to plot our next week into the French Alps. We have a good breeze blowing through the van so hopefully tonight we’ll get some sleep?