Sunday 30th August 2020

St. Claude to Port Lesney 108km

The waterfall experience was something we didn’t expect, an excellent find but today we are moving on. The plan is to eat out for a change so we are planning to go to a place that Rick Stein recommended on one of his TV shows that involved touring around France. After careful consideration, we decide not to as the parking was tricky and the road to the restaurant equally tricky. We feel that we have had our fair share of tricky roads for a while so Hayley looks in her magic books and finds a terrific eatery in a small town called Port Lesney.

Off we go.

The restaurant is a Bib Gourmand restaurant so it should be very good. The restaurant is called the Bistro Le Pontarlier

A foggy, miserable drive up and down the hills of Jura but we still manage to enjoy it.

A foggy drive in the Jura.

A very quiet non-eventful day today as we await dinner time, the weather is not playing ball again today with constant showers, we get some shelter under a tree while Del updates the blog.

Aisle or window?

A miserable day, however we are lucky to be doing this so maybe it’s not so miserable after all.

The time has come. We make an effort and have longer showers than usual and get our best clothes out, which is limited at best. The restaurant is just across the road from the site so we get there just after 7 after having an aperitif onboard Jess of Ricard – a fine French drink to start any evening.

The restaurant is lovely. Very nice indeed and the service impeccable. As for the dinner, well.. that was fantastic. A three-course dinner of French dishes, wine, water, and a digestif Cognac for an excellent price. Money well spent.

Sadly we have no photos, it’s a little bit “tacky” and “uncool” to be sitting in a fine establishment eating fine food taking selfies and photos of the food, no need, just eat and enjoy, that’s what you are there for.

All we can say is if you are ever in this neck of the woods call in. Say Del and H sent you…