Saturday 29th August 2020

It was a quiet night last night although we did get a sharp fall of rain in the early hours. It promises to be a dry day today, we shall see, and as we arrived late and wet yesterday we have decided to do another day here and see what is local and worth seeing.

We have a quiet day today but we do venture out for a long walk to find the Cascades de Flumen which is a collection of waterfalls. No rain forecast today so off we go. We follow the river against its flow and after a little bit of challenging walking we come to a clearing and we are presented with a stunning collection of waterfalls.

This we did not expect, what a sight. It’s still a bit cloudy today but we figure that if it was sunny and the sun is in the right place to the spray coming from the falls, you would certainly get a rainbow or two.

After a while, we make the walk back to base. Tonight there will be magic performed again in the kitchen. Hayley is tackling confit of duck and saute potatoes. We shall see.

Yes, dinner was a massive success once again, one of the best onboard yet which was finished off with the remainder of the cheese we bought on Thursday in Combloux and some very tasty local peaches and pears. Nice one Hayley, top marks.

The best dinner yet…

The countryside, views, food, and drink are all becoming a bit different now. That’s the thing about France it’s very interesting and very different wherever you go.