Tuesday 1st September 2020

It’s our second day in this lovely Belgian run campsite and our last full day in France. Tomorrow we set off north for a two-hour drive to Germany. We have woken up to a proper autumnal day, it’s cold and foggy, despite that it is rather beautiful as the sun struggles to push through the fog. We are promised the sunshine today at some point and it is warming up and back at 30 degrees by Friday. So they say.

We plan on a bike ride today as there are some nice routes around here so after breakfast they are released from the back of the van and checked over and deemed fit for purpose. The route we have chosen is a 16km circuit so off we go.

We managed to do the full circuit in about an hour and a half, it was uphill and down dale but nothing too tasking, and the countryside was lovely, most importantly the weather held up and we had good sunshine for the whole thing.

Our 16km bike ride

Hayley still has the taste for exercise and decides to keep it up with a kayak in the river, for 8 euros she can get a full hour. She loves a kayak and gets one whenever the opportunity arises.

‘The Captain’

Del looks after the shop reading and generally faffing about and does wonder what would happen if she got caught out on a weir or stuck on a rock. She didn’t take her phone which has probably prompted the thought in the first place. The river is not deep but has some fast-moving bits along the way. Ah, she’ll be ok…

After about an hour Hayley is seen struggling against the flow of the river and sure enough, she did get caught on a weir and on some rocks and had quite a scare trying to get free and get back which involved grazing her ankle and breaking her flip flops (yes, totally unsuitable footwear).

Not really looking too phased by her troubles

After getting her out of the water and back on dry land and into fresh clothes the adventurer had soon recovered to recant the full episode over a cold Belgian beer. Well deserved.

The recovery position

Our last night will be dinner in the fading evening sunshine in front of Jess, a huge pile of homemade quesadillas and some fries from the visiting food wagon. Simple but brilliant.

Our last dinner in France

Vive la France!