Thursday 3rd September 2020

Egerten to Todtnau – 63km

It has been a lovely stay at the “scrapyard”, the view this morning over coffee was amazing, the weather is clean and fresh with a clear blue sky, so far our first day in Germany has been excellent, let’s hope that day two and beyond are just as good.

Hayley’s turn at the wheel today. We are going to a place that we have visited on several occasions, a small ski town called Todtnau, deep in the Black Forest. The attraction there is that they have a great place to overnight, the best Black Forest gateaux ever and the longest dry toboggan run in Germany covering 3km. A must on all accounts.

The slopes of Todtnau

We set off for the 60 minute drive in glorious sunshine, it’s a beautiful day and the drive is excellent with lovely scenery and the cutest and cleanest towns you have ever seen, everything is so well looked after and smart.

The last time we were in Todtnau it rained, in fact it always rains in Todtnau, we have never been to Todtnau when it has been dry. We did once and after an hour of our arrival it rained, but today it is perfect. We are surprised how busy it is but equally surprised that the only spot remaining is the spot that we have always had every time we come here, right in the corner, very private, very nice. We think that this spot is left vacant not because they knew that we were coming but because the European camper likes to get their satellite dish up and going as soon as they arrive but with all the trees in the corner they can’t get a signal.

Del is not doing the dry toboggan run today and has opted to stay at the van, clean up and just take it easy with a coffee in the dappled sunlight. Hayley is off as soon as the wheels of the van have stopped and making her way to the ticket office and up on the chairlift for her 3km rush of adrenaline.

Getting ready for the 3km decent!

After a couple of hours have passed she returns to a nice clean van and a freshly shaved Del, at last.

We set off into the town for a walk and find our usual coffee shop that sells what can only be described as the best Black Forest Gateaux ever! But we are not having it today as tonight we are saving ourselves for a dinner out at a local place for a Schnitzel and portions are large in these places! Simple pleasures but that is what keeps us going these days! So a simple cappuccino and green tea and a slow walk back to sit in the sunlight and the privacy of our nice spot in the corner for a small cold beer before the short walk back to town later for dinner.

On our last visit we dined well at a small bar/restaurant called “Willies” (titter ye not!) and had a fantastic feed of the house Schnitzel, fries, a house salad. The experience was finished with a couple of Jagermisters, which when served chilled is a real treat to end any dinner. Tonight was no exception as we repeated the whole experience and it didn’t disappoint.

Tomorrow is a hiking day as the weather promises to be even warmer. We can’t wait to walk off all that cake and Schnitzel!