Friday 4th September 2020

We wake up to a bright warm sunny day, blue skies, beautiful, a lovely day indeed. We plan on doing a bit of a walk today seen as the weather is so good, there is some shopping to be done and we have to find the time for a coffee and to have a generous helping of the best Black Forest Gateaux. It really is the very best, heavily soaked, as it should be, in kirsch (cherry) alcohol. This cake is the business…

Back at the van after some research of future overnight stops, we find we are missing an emissions badge for some places. We now notice that most of the cars have one. In fact, some cars in Europe have that many emissions badges and vignettes for toll roads on their windscreens that it’s hard to see where they are going! Eventually, we work out how to get one and now we are certified to go in environmental green zones. What a difference a little sticker makes, (at 7 euros a go!).

We’ve got one now!

Can we be bothered with a walk today? Hmm, we are not so sure or keen. It’s a nice day so we get some chairs out and just chill out and read next to the van in the shade and dappled sunlight. Smashing.

Cake time… The cafe is the Cafe am Rathaus, Cafe by the Townhall. Tea and coffee are ordered along with two hearty lumps of Black Forest Gateaux. It is just how we remembered it the last time. We eat in silence. Nice.

Back at base, Del is off helping to get some power going for a neighbour so he can watch his telly tonight. A nice elderly German gent who shows his gratitude with a bottle of fizz. It looks a bit dubious but it is certainly the kind thought that counts. It’ll either get drunk or the engine will be cleaned with it, we will decide on the first taste.

Dinner outside tonight and a BBQ. Very nice. Two great days here in sunny Todtnau and the good weather is to extend over the weekend. It is the official last weekend of the holiday season for the Germans so it could get quite busy, it certainly is where we are, it is packed, and more keep coming and turning away.