Saturday 5th September 2020

Todtnau to Titisee – 23km

A nice cool fresh morning this morning in Todtnau, blue skies, excellent. Today we are going to another place that we have visited, Titisee which has a fantastic terraced campsite, wherever they put you there is a good view of the lake and a nice walk to the spa town of Titisee which is famous for cuckoo clock shops, so it could get noisy.

The drive, like a lot of the Black Forest, is hilly and twisty but safe and easy going. It’s a short drive, 45 minutes so we also do a shopping trip on the way to replenish essentials.

A great drive to Titisee

We arrive at the Sandbanks Campsite which is busy, very busy, too busy really and it takes such a long time to check-in. For the first time since starting the trip, Del is a little anxious as social distancing and mask-wearing seem a secondary thought here. We keep ours on at all appropriate times and continue to wash our hands. We remain vigilant. It takes ages to get checked in, the line to get seen to is long and they make you do it twice, once to say you want space then again to fill out a stupid track and trace form, then you pay and go to your pitch.

Our pitch is a good one, a good view of the lake so we get settled in. Hayley does all the prep on her own as Del is queueing up for the second time and getting frustrated with the stupidity of it all… Hayley has the van tucked in safe, up on ramps for leveling, with the awning and chairs out. Good job.

If you have ever been to a music festival like Reading or Glastonbury then this is what it is like here. Vans are pitched bumper to bumper, side to side, tents are pitched on any piece of free grass going. The only thing missing is a stage and some music. (Ah the memories of a bygone time!).

Exercise is what is needed but before that, we sample a small cold beer at the local bar, which looks a little safer, before setting off on the 45-minute walk to the town of Titisee.

Beautiful lake Titisee

Here too it’s busy, mad busy, we are not keen on it here this time it’s not really for us. Last time we were here it was very pleasant, it was October, cool and grey with not many people about.

Enough of this so after a pretzel we decide to get back to the van away from the crowds.

The biggest cuckoo clock in the world. Apparently

We have a fabulous dinner and decide that we want to get away from here. Nice views but too many people, too busy and chaotic.

Tomorrow we will find a nice quiet town, with a river and a cycle way. Hopefully…