Sunday 6th September 2020

Titisee to Botzingen – 52km

This morning we have woken up to an unobstructed view of the lake as some people have already started to leave the campsite here at Titisee. It’s a lovely still morning, a bit cloudy and cool but you can still wear your shorts. As breakfast goes on we see more and more people leaving. There is only one service point here for the whole campsite (of 220 pitches) so we are expecting it to have a few vehicles waiting to get on it before going onto their next destination. Del is dispatched to have a look. Sure enough, there is one van on the service point and two in line, it’s a very narrow public road which is busy with Sunday walkers and cyclists. Oh well, let’s have another coffee and wait it out.

A view for Sunday breakfast

Today we are are going to a place called Botzingen. A very small town that has a free place for overnight and promises good cycling. Never heard of it. That’s one of the many good things about a van, you can go to a planned destination and if you don’t like it you just move on. We are currently zig-zagging our way up north through the black forest for the first week and our last week will be in the Mosel Valley towards a town on the German/French border for the non-stop run to Calais. Anyway, that’s a while off yet. No need to be thinking about that.

We set off and get on the service point, we get rid of the greywater and fill up with fresh and we are off. Ther German countryside is very picturesque and the sunny weather just adds to the beauty of the place. The fields are green but very green, they look like finely manicured lawns.

After an hour or so we arrive in Botzingen. The parking spot is just outside of the town, it very quiet and very peaceful so we should have a good night here. Once settled we are off for a walk into the town, being a Sunday, of course, most places are closed but we do find a nice little guesthouse that has a restaurant and terrace bar so we can’t resist a tall german beer. Smashing.

Sunday German beer.

Today we intend to do a good bike ride. This place is supposed to be the place to be for cycling. Our stop is on one of the many routes and yes being a Sunday it’s busy with cyclists buzzing along the cycle paths. Soon we are joining them. What a great bike ride. We did 14 miles of excellent cycling on our old bikes.

They have seen many miles our old bikes, mainly strapped to the back of the van. They are old, Del’s bike is about 20 yours old and Hayley’s cost about 20 quid but they do the job and we cycle to a small town called Riegel where we have a coffee and of course some cake. You can’t go to a German town and not have Caffe & Kuchen.

Tonight dinner was a traditional German dinner, schnitzel, spaetzle, and sauerkraut. It was amazing. A good night indoors eating and drinking to some traditional german bierkeller music. Brilliant.