Monday 7th September 2020

Botzingen to Schiltach – 78km

We really enjoyed our stop last night in the place we have never heard of, Botzingen. Nice walk, great cycling, smashing stop & dinner. We will remember it well.

Today we are making for a town called Schiltach which has a very picturesque town. It also boasts a saw museum. Might give that a miss although we might be a bit cut up later and regret not going…! The drive is just over an hour, again the countryside is stunning as we go back up into the Black Forest, weave about a bit, and descend into the town. We are still zig-zagging our way up ‘t north through Germany. Hayley has found another free overnight stop. When we arrive it is busy, very busy but she bags the last space right in the corner of the car-park, nice and safe and nice and private.

What a beautiful town, the buildings are so so old but well-taken care of over the years, and they are just stunning. We have a good walk around this interesting but small town, stopping for a quick coffee and cake.

Hayley investigating some kind of apple pie thing

We head back for a sit in the park next to the van with a tea and a game of marbles. Yes, marbles. We’ve not done that since we were kids.

This week Hayley (as part of a midlife crisis, roller coaster thing) wants to go to Europa Park so she spends the afternoon researching stops, prices, and watching YouTube videos of the rides. Keeps her quiet.

Another amazing dinner on board and a walk around this lovely town to see it at night before bed.

Another free night…