Tuesday 8th September 2020

Schiltach to Lahr – 52km

A beautiful day today, clear blue skies, cool, but we will get mid-20s later today. We have had a massive breakfast this morning after a good night’s sleep. This morning Hayley is working out her tactics for the trip to Europa Park tomorrow and today is a day of faff deciding and looking where to park and overnight. After some discussion and angst, we decided to overnight in a place called Lahr. We have been there before, 6 euros to overnight and it is just outside of the town or is it a city, we are not sure.

It’s a lovely to drive to Lahr, fantastic countryside. We stop at a supermarket and do a large shop, we are running low on a lot of stuff but thankfully because of the two nights on a free overnight we have lots of spare pennies in our budget to go mad!

For 6 euros you can park overnight in a nice spot, very well tended to, peaceful and quiet, we have been here before and did a long bike ride but this afternoon it’s too hot. Del does the weekly van clean out which involves pulling stuff apart and getting a clean cloth in all the “nooks and crannies”. A good job is done. The weather is fabulous, not a cloud in the sky and it’s warm, very warm…

We decided to go for a shorter bike ride into the town (or city) of Lahr, last time we cycled in the opposite direction into the countryside which was wonderful, so this time we thought we would try the town. Bad idea. We didn’t like it at all. Far too busy, too many cars, too many people, and very poor social distancing. We are not afraid of the virus, yes it is very infections, etc. but if you follow simple rules and watch yourself you should be ok. Life has to carry on, but for some reason, we didn’t feel comfortable, That’s a cue. That’s a cue to leave which we did, sharpish.

Once back at the calmness and peacefulness of the van we have a small Ricard before dinner (not very German we know, wrong country and all that), Hayley is being sad and binge-watching YouTube videos about rollercoasters and such while Del justs… Well, Del just stares off into the distance…

Fantastic dinner outside tonight, early bed, up early tomorrow at 06:00.