Wednesday 9th September 2020

Lahr to Rust to Botzingen – 55km

At 6 am the alarm goes off. We are in Lahr and it’s still dark, an ungodly hour to be getting up really but we have to. We want to be at the Europa Park car park for the opening time at 7 am and in place for the park opening at 9 am.

Today is the big day out, we are going to spend the whole day at Europa Park. This place won the award for best theme park in the world 2019 and with good reason. Hayley loves roller coasters, extreme rides, and all that while Del just tags along to carry her bag. We arrive at the campsite at Europa Park bang on 7, get parked up, and have breakfast. It’s quite nice here really, lots of space and all the facilities that you need. Overnight is expensive so we will only be paying for the day which works out cheap enough.

Hayley is like a child at Christmas and we are at the main gate just before 9, armed with masks and hand sanitiser we are among the first in and we are hot-footing it to the first ride of the day called “Wodan”, an old fashioned wooden coaster built in 2012 that can achieve a speed of 100kph. By 9:30 Hayley is being thrown around the “Wodan” coster. Not bad straight after breakfast.

Hayley off for her 9:30 shake up!

The rest of the day is spent going from coaster to coaster, she loves them, Del has a go on some of the lighter rides but the day is Hayley’s.

The “Blue Fire” ride. Hayley’s favourite of the day

It is an impressive place, massive in size with some very impressive rides and immaculately clean and tidy.

The park is divided up into individual European countries and themed as such. There is something for everyone here including a restaurant that delivers your food by a rollercoaster. You order on a monitor at your table and withing minutes it is being delivered at high speed on a metal track, even looping the loop. Amazing.

Fast food delivery
A happy customer! Yum!

By 6 pm we are beaten and end the day on a strapped in simulator ride which is the best we have ever seen. Thankfully it’s a short walk back to the van, once there we use the camp facilities by having a shower, and by 7:30 pm we are off and on the road to Botzingen, a place we stayed on Sunday. Never heard of the place until this week and now we are here for a second night. We are worn out but it has been a great day and worth it in every way.

Tomorrow we are off to Waldkirch, the world capital of organs! More on that tomorrow.