Saturday 12th September 2020

Waldkirch to Horb am Necker – 98km

It’s our last full weekend of our 7 and a bit week trip. It started out as 5 and a bit weeks but while we were out of the UK, the government put France on the quarantine hit list. If we had come home on time we would have had to do a 2-week quarantine. Two weeks of our lives that we will never get back! So as Germany is “cleaner” and not on the list, we opted to do two extra weeks in Germany as we are allowed, at the moment, to transit through France, get on the Eurotunnel and get back into the UK without quarantine, as long as we don’t stop and allow new people on and allow others to get off. Joke? Yes, if only!

Anyway, we are going with the rules, we started a folder of receipts to show when we entered Germany and we are collecting them during our extended trip just in case some smart Border Force person wants some kind of proof.

Today we are pushing north and this weekend we will spend the second and final week in Germany in the Mosel Valley. We only have 1 week left. Just 1 week, so we have to make the most of it.

Another lovely morning this morning in Waldkirch, the parking area is packed, there must be about 16 or 18 vans jammed into this small area. After a quick greywater drop and freshwater fill up we are off and on our way. It’s a warm sunny day today, as it is over most of Europe. We are heading for a site in a place called Horb am Necker as we push our way north.

The drive is about an hour and a half and Hayley is taking care of the drive. The scenery is wonderful, especially in the sunlight. Well, manicured rolling fields with tree-lined hills, very beautiful.

We arrive just before 2 pm and the very helpful staff have given us a full serviced pitch where we can fill up with fresh water, drop the grey water and electricity all for 22 euros. Laundry day today. How dull but even on a van you accumulate laundry that at some point has to be done. At this site, they have everything so Del is dispatched to do three loads of washing, courtesy of Ikea bags. Where would we be without them? Hayley is plotting our remaining days in Germany.

A very quiet and peaceful remaining day and night after a lovely dinner outdoors in the warm setting sun.