Sunday 13th September 2020

Horb am Necker to Metterheim – 224km

We didn’t do anything yesterday at Horb am Necker but Del fell in love with the campsite. It was a very calm and relaxing place, could have easily stayed there much longer. Today we are off and crossing into a new area, gone are the pine trees and the steep rolling hills. We have moved from pine trees to vineyards as we plan to stay at our first vineyard on this part of the German trip. It’s a longish drive today, 2 and a bit hours to a small town called Mettenhiem, southwest of Frankfurt. Thanks to the German motorway system it won’t cost us anything in tolls.

We set off after a rather large breakfast sharing the drive. Hayley brings us into a small field at the back of a large house. We are at the Weingut Seilheimerhof which is run by a couple of brothers, Eric and Bernd.

They run a nice place and are very welcoming to motorhomes by providing a nice flat grassy pitch, electricity, and a free bottle of wine. We shall see how that one goes later! They have a small shed with a fridge inside full of their wine, you take a bottle that you like and drop 5 euros in an honesty box.

The wine shed.

We had to give it a go so we bought a rose which was surprisingly not bad at all. Excellent.

Hayley enjoying her new rose wine amongst the vines.

A nice stay here and an excellent dinner outside in the sunset amongst the vines. Smashing. Not bad for a Sunday.

Sunday night!