Tuesday 15th September 2020

The decision has been made to stay another night in Burgen and do a bit more cycling. It very good here and we can do with the excersise, especially after the monster breakfast we have had.

A giant breakfast

Today Germany is hotting up and the temperature is expected to reach 32 degrees, not bad for mid September. After the breakfast clean up we are off and away on our bikes.

Cruising the river

Our cycle takes us along the Mosel river and it’s hot, very hot but we manage 13 miles, not a Tour d’ France distance but good enough for a couple of Brits with a pair of knackered old bikes.

By early afternoon we are back at base, the inside of the van is baking and there is no shade in our little spot until after 4 pm so we have an hour or so until that happens. By now the temperature has reached 33 degrees. Which is nice.