Wednesday 16th September 2020

Burgen to Wintrich – 87km

We enjoyed Burgen. We have been here before, a nice peaceful quiet place, very nice and well worth the stop. Today we are going to a place called Wintrich, a small town right on the river Mosel, it’s a good hour plus so after our usual long breakfast we pack up, service the van and we are off. Germany is enjoying fantastic weather and most Germans are staying in their own country so it’s busy. It’s so, so busy. There are literally thousands of campervans, mobile homes, and caravans buzzing around the place, it’s mad.

We arrive in Wintrich at around 1 pm and sure enough, it’s packed, but we do get in and we do find a space, a nice space right under a nice shady tree.

Busy, but we got in…

We get set up and settle in for a lovely afternoon and watch as more vans flood into the site which eventually stops – a walk to the entrance shows that our site is closed, it’s full. Whew.

Hayley has an email confirming a penciled job from weeks ago. We are concerned that the numbers of virus infections are rising all over Europe and maybe we should cut our losses and go home a day or two early. Ther are some lengthy discussions and internet work to see what the latest changes are to the GOV.UK web site regarding transit etc. If ever there was a web site that contradicts itself and leads you down the garden path then this is the site to do it. We are alarmed that we have to quarantine after all, but after a good hour of searching and checking, we agree that the situation has not changed. We can transit through France to the Eurotunnel and as long as no one gets on or off we will not have to quarantine.

Hayley needs this job, being self-employed she cannot afford to lose the work, nobody is going to cover that loss of money. Also, she could probably do with a day in hand to re-adjust and do a decent turn around of clothes, etc before starting back to work on Monday. We finally make the decision to change our train time and go back a day early on Friday 18th rather than Saturday.

Satisfied with our decision we head into the small charming town of Wintrich and enjoy a slap-up feed of schnitzel, chips, and local wine.

Tomorrow will be our last full day in Germany and the holiday…