Wednesday 2nd September 2020

Cromary, France to Egerten, Germany – 172km

This campsite here in Cromary is without a doubt the best campsite we have ever been to, what a place, the best yet. We will be back. Today we are leaving France and making for Germany, a two and bit hour drive with Del at the wheel.

We leave at around ten in the morning and expect to be in Germany around 1 pm at a place called the “Kreiterhof”, an unusual place located in the small village of Egerton. It is unusual because it has a collection of old scrap agricultural equipment; tractors, cars, all manner of mechanical stuff from washing machines to car parts. Might be interesting. It also boasts an excellent restaurant with space for 7 vans for 7 euros a night.

Our first stop of the day is a supermarket. We are getting short on essentials so it’s time for a bit of a stock up. Off we go again. Next stop we need a spot of lunch so we find a nice little place for that after which we swap over driving, it didn’t last for long. Hayley has been complaining of a bad knee for a few days and the clutch action is giving her jip so within two minutes we have to swap back.

The French countryside is just amazing to drive through, we love it. France also does this whole camping thing better than anywhere else. They just do it right, the food, the drink, and everything is just made for camping life whether it’s in a van or a tent.

France. We will be back!

We cross the border from France into Germany at Huningue near Mulhouse and, without any problem at all, we drive over the Rhine, no checks, no forms no “where have you been” questions, we just carry on straight through. After about half an hour the German countryside is equally beautiful, different from France but still a feast for the eyes.

Finally six hours later, not three, but six we arrive at Kreiterhof. Yes, it is odd, very odd, there are old tractors, cars, trucks old Russsian army trucks, washing machines.

At first sight, and probably by the way it’s being described here, makes it look like a scrapyard of old junk, which is what it really is, but it is interesting and just laid out in such a fashion that you can’t help but walk around and marvel at all the stuff that is here.

Our spot is tucked away in a corner surrounded by trees and a couple of tractors. It’s brilliant, we have a great spot. One of the great things about having a 6m van, you can get in almost anywhere

Safe in the corner.

We take a walk to the restaurant where you pay for the stay and enjoy a coffee and some local rose wine. Here to we are surrounded by huge amounts of ornamental tractors and diggers.

The restaurant is just as fascinating and the staff are friendly and accomodating. After pondering the menu and the reviews we decide to have dinner tonight here.

A walk around this fascinating village doesn’t take long as it is just a single road going through it but it has a nice peaceful feel to it and has a fantastic view of the rolling fields against a blue sky.

First night in Germany. A great start

Dinner tonight is a local affair, a chanterelle mushroom sauce, pork, and rosti potatoes, all helped along with a generous glass of red wine and to finally finish it all off, a lump of Black Forest gateaux.

All in all, an excellent start to our arrival into Germany.