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Happy new year, happy travels!

2020. Rubbish! Good riddance.

We were very lucky to get out and about in our van into Europe but only just… Travel was very difficult for all of us in 2020, rule changes every five minutes, tests required, and on and on and on, but will it be any better in 2021 what with the continuation of COVID-19 and now brexit in the travel mix? We can only wish and hope for a better year ahead.

May we wish you all a happy and well travelled 2021.


  1. Sandra P

    Happy New Year to you too – hope you stay safe and healthy on your travels

    Your adventures take our minds off the crazy situation here at home.

    Look forward to hearing from you

  2. Anthony Stewart

    Good morning to you both!
    For a moment when we saw your post we wondered if you were away but then realised it would be impossible at the moment.
    We agree 2020 wasn’t the best and we only managed one short trip to Devizes with the camper. Hopefully, we’ll do better in 2021!
    We hope you enjoyed Christmas and wish you both good health, happiness and trips away in 2021. Janet & Tony x

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