A new day, a new country – Holland

25th April 2019 0 By admin

25th April 2019 Aire du Parc d’ Olhain to Ellewoutsdijk 196km

It’s a cold, grey, dull start this morning. Again most of Europe is covered in a blanket of grey cloud, and it’s no better where we are going either. We are now in the last week of our 5 week outing and the plan is to finish in the tulip fields of Holland before going home. We leave the Aire du Parc d’ Olhain and set off, first a complete service, water empty, toilet etc. We need a diesel and GPL fill up as well so we get going. It’s a good couple of hours today as we are planning to go to a Dutch campsite on the Zud Beveland. Know it? No neither do we.

Grey skies at the Belgium border

We get over the border into Belgium and H helps out reading out the new driving rules and speed limits in Belgium, she’s also sorted out our navigation to avoid large towns a cities as the Low Emission Zone (LEZ) can be tricky. All good so far as we approach Gent and plan to go around the city. Oooops! we are chatting and miss a turn off and end up just about to enter the city, thinking quick we do a bit of back doubling and get back to roughly where we should have been. Wheew!

It’s not long before we are over the next border and now in Holland. The weather is still grey and miserable and the sky is heavy with rain which hasn’t started.

Still grey skies at the Dutch border

To get to Zud Beveland we have to use Holland’s longest tunnel, 6.5km, which goes under the Westerschelde which is a stretch of water from Antwerp into the north sea.

The longest tunnel in Holland, 6.5km

There is some local dispute with this tunnel as the toll charged is astonishingly high, up to 18 euros with no discount for residents. After a while and some doubling back on ourselves we arrive at the very charming site in Ellewoutsdijk when suddenly the skies open up and the rain just starts, very heavy with strong winds. The grounds keeper, a very nice friendly chap who speaks a little English says we can go where ever we like and the money will be collected later. We settle into some lunch while the rain is hammering hard on the roof of the van. Lovely.

Tucked up for the night. Still grey skies…