Del & H Derek and Hayley Jones

Here is a little bit of information about us. We are Derek and Hayley Jones. We have been married for 16 and a bit years but together for 22 years. We met at our place of work. Hayley used to work for Granada TV in Manchester and Derek worked for Vari*Lite. Our eyes met and we stuck together while working on ‘Stars In Their Eyes’. Remember that?

Derek is a self employed lighting designer and has been doing it since 1900 and frozen to death. You can get more information about Del at his website.

Hayley is a vision engineer in television and has been doing it for 26 years, mainly for ITV. She is now currently self employed and whilst her website is new and being updated you can see it by clicking here.

We don’t like to keep still for too long and back in 2003 we gave it all up for a year and bought a boat and sailed parts of the med . It was brilliant. We were only supposed to keep the boat for a year but 10 years later we took her to the Isle of Wight where we now live.

We sold the boat 4 year after moving to the Isle of Wight and decided that our next adventure would be a motorhome and we would tour mainland Europe until we got fed up with that.

This website is some ramblings from our new adventure. We are not selling anything we are not promoting anything, it’s just a diary of our adventure for our family and friends and of course anyone else who is interested.

If you’d like to leave a comment then we would love to hear from you. You can also subscribe and get regular updates.

Best wishes

Del & H