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30th April 2019 2 By admin

30th April 2019 Bruges to East Cowes, Isle of Wight 405km including the channel crossing

There is a bit of an exodus happening at the Bruges campsite this morning, it seems everyone is on the move on this cold, grey morning. No matter we have to to get a move on as we have two ferries to deal with as well as a huge wine collection at Calais. It’s our last day today and we are heading home to the Isle of Wight so here are our final stats up to and including home.

Diesel 680 euros, LPG 39 euros, Motorway tolls 104 euros, Distance travelled: 2719 miles, Accommodation: 425 euros (campsites, โ€˜airesโ€™ etc) These costs exclude food, drink and ‘other goodies’

Our final week’s travels

Our ferry from Calais to Dover is at 12:45 so we have to get from our campsite in Bruges, which has a bit of a queue, and make haste for the Calais Wine Supermarket to collect 90 bottles of wine and fizz…!! For our own consumption you understand.

An uneventful journey to Calais, we picked up our wine and added at least another 100kgs to the van! Then with 30 minutes to spare we are in the line for the ferry bound for the UK.

British main roads in general are pretty awful, similar to Belgium. Shocking. In some parts our wheels feel triangular. We make good time and arrive at Portsmouth and get on an earlier ferry. The last push was Fishbourne on the Isle of Wight to Waverley Park campsite in East Cowes, just behind our house. Waverley Park, just for the record, is the most expensive campsite on the whole 5 week trip.

Once parked up and settled we have a drink in the setting sun. It is quite beautiful here on the Isle of Wight. It is 7pm, the air very still and quiet. All we can hear is birdsong and the gentle ‘ticking’ of Jess cooling down with a fantastic view of the Solent with its still shimmering water broken by a few boats. It’s warm here, in fact it’s the warmest it’s been for the whole 5 weeks (apart from Vitre). Seems the best weather was here in the UK?

Where it all began…

We are back safe and sound and in a day or two back to normal life with a chance to plan for the next trip to where….? We don’t know yet…

Many thanks to all our friends and family that have been following us through our journey. You can see more photos from the trip on our instagram feeds which are linked at the top of this page.

Thanks and very best wishes and good health to all…

Del, H and ‘Jess’