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26th April 2019 2 By admin

26th‌ April 2019 Ellewoutsdijk‌ to Voorhout‌ 142km

We are now into week 5, our final week. Holland is a lovely place. The motorway/road network is extensive, fast, clean and free. The people we have come across so far are very friendly and helpful and happy! A smashing place.

Blue is the colour for this week
Continued from France…

Some stats so far: Diesel 601 euros, LPG 39 euros, Motorway tolls 90 euros, Distance travelled so far: 2346 miles, Accommodation: 330 euros (campsites, ‘aires’ etc) These costs excludes, food, drink and ‘other goodies’

We do our first shop in a Dutch supermarket, cheap, clean and we just happen to find one with a windmill. Nice.

At the supermarket

Once we get off we have to learn new road signs, rules and all that but H is good at doing the advance research on these things so we are ready. The bike is king here, they are everywhere, but everywhere, they just appear at roundabouts and have their own give way signs, their own roads and network, can be tricky but you get used to it very quickly, you have to or you could cause some damage.

Today we are making for a farm in Voorhout that allows camping. It’s a nice place with a warm friendly welcome. We are given a spot for our two day stay and soon settle in.

We need to get a bit of a shift on as we are going to the Keukenhof, one of the world’s largest flower gardens. We go on our bikes, well why not, the place is ideal for bikes. it’s only 7km so off we pop.

We finally arrive at the Keukenhof, secure the bikes and get ‘beeped’ in. H had already bought our tickets online.

Just as well as the place is is absolutely packed. People come here from all over the world. Once you are in you can understand why. It is amazing.

The colour and layout of the place is staggering.

We chose a good day today as the weather is cooperating. It’s a clean, clear sunny day with no wind, ideal. We spend a good 4 and a bit hours walking around and admiring the fine work of the gardener’s labouring. We highly recommend this place but it is only open for two months in the year, April and May.

Another 7km cycling and we are back at the van for dinner and to watch the sunset. Just as well as the weather tomorrow is forecast to be rotten as we get the tail end of storm ‘Hannah’ Why do we have to name everything now?