Easter finished. Still no eggs!

22nd April 2019 0 By admin

22nd April 2019 Arromanches to Bayeux 12km

Bit of a full day today. There is more to see along this coast of Normandy and we need more time so we are just going to do a quick whistle-stop tour of what there is left. After a good night’s sleep we have a great breakfast, with a full sea view and the remains of the Mulberry Harbour. The visibility is excellent so they are seen quite clearly this morning, so a great view for Easter Monday breakfast.

First stop is Omaha Beach. As the seagull flies along the coast its about 8km but to drive to it we have to go inland a bit then come back out. No matter it’s a lovely day so off we go. However on our way to Omaha Beach we see a sign for the American Military Cemetery so we make for it and park up.

It is a beautiful place, well taken care of with manicured gardens. The cemetery looks over the sea and the very beaches where many young Americans lost their lives liberating Europe. There are over 9000 soldiers buried here and to see all of the white crosses in rows was quite thought provoking.

After spending almost an hour there we make for Omaha beach. This was the location of Mulberry Harbour (A). This was looked after by the Americans who didn’t tie the roadways etc properly to the seabed and in a nasty storm most of it was destroyed by the worst seas in many years.

If you have ever seen the movie Saving Private Ryan, Omaha Beach is the beach, and the events that took place there make up the opening sequence of the film. A massacre. Now it is enjoyed by tourists who come to sit and walk along the beach and to look at the many monuments that mark that dreadful day June 6th 1944!

Our next stop is to a farm that allow motorhomers to stay. It’s a beautiful place, H is happy as we have pitched up next to a load of hens. She loves hens and at home does hen husbandry at the local abbey.

It’s quiet, peaceful and warm so of course a simple lunch and a sit about is welcome while Del watches H fix a deflated tyre on her bike. Well done H. She’s good with a spanner!

There is another item of interest near here. We are a 3km bike ride to Bayeux home of the 70m Bayeux tapestry‚ÄĆ so once H’s bike is fixed we are off… Bayeux is a lovely town so we follow the signs to the museum, pay our 8 euros and given an audio guide. Brilliant, fantastic. We loved it. The commentary talks you through all the scenes of the tapestry as you walk along. We learnt about it as kids at school but to actually see the real thing and get the full story of it was great, so good we didn’t want it to end. The French government are allowing it to go to the UK in 2020 so if you ever get the chance to see it do go. It is 950 years old and very well preserved considering.

We finish off our visit with a walk through the Cathedral. Another impressive building set in a very quiet part of the town. H Loved it! It’s clouding over with a hint of rain in the air so we grab an ice cream and head back to the bikes and then ‘Jess’.

It has been a great and very educational couple of days here on the coast of Normandy but tomorrow we are moving on. We would like to come here again and spend longer as we seemed to have skipped through rather quickly a lot of ‘stuff’. A good week should do it. Maybe next time.

Tomorrow, Liverot. Cheese!