Del was up at 8 this morning, gig day. Camel are appearing and are the headline act for the Saturday Night of the Prog. It’s going to be a long hot dull day. He has to be done by 11:00am and Camel are not on until 10:30 tonight. We are in a nice space but the Camel tour bus turns up and after a short fan belt shuffle they are running a generator for their bus AC ALL DAY!!!

Sure enough the day is hot, very hot and noisy, main stage band noise on one side and tour bus generator on the other. Nice. There is not much to see or do here. We are miles from anywhere of interest and once you have walked around the venue once or twice then you have done it all. Except….

Hayley spots another toboggan run similar to the two that have already been sampled earlier on the trip, once in Todtnau the to other in Henridorf. A three euro ticket and she is off. That’s 15 minutes killed off in our 12 hour wait for the show.

We head towards the main-stage for another look of the Rhine weaving its way through Germany, a fantastic view from up here for sure.

Dinner time was the highlight of the day. We set up our dining area next to Jess which was fabulous, very private and secluded but still with a hint of bus AC generator and low end bass from the the main stage. Even so it was a smashing diner of home made burgers salad and red wine. What a great way to spend a day at work!


At last it finally comes. Change over time into Camel. A quick check through the lighting and all is ready for the long two hour show.

A great night was had by all 2000 fans. A great show. A few goodbyes and back to the van. Great, the main-stage has finished but the tour bus AC is still rumbling away with an added extra noise every now and then of a slipping fan belt. By 2.00am the Camel equipment trailer is attached to the back of the bus and they are off….. Ah bliss! Silence is truly golden…


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