“Goodnight Belgium you were great”

29th April 2019 4 By admin

29th April 2019 Zierikzee‌ to Bruges 111km

Boiled eggs and soldiers for breakfast, OUTSIDE!!! for a change. It’s not boiling hot but it’s warm enough to eat outside. We are leaving Holland today with a promise that we will come here again but for a longer stay and a good look around. We just need to learn a bit of the lingo! It’s a lovely place and great for camping. They have thousands of sites which are slightly more expensive that France but so far the stops have been great. We just need to come when the weather is a little warmer and sunnier. H is at the wheel today and we are off to Bruges which is about and hour and half.

Strap in!

A nice day today, cool but bright and pleasant. We see some great things, dams with bridges that open, wide estuaries, huge locks, spectacular bridges and of course the longest tunnel in Holland, again. Yep Holland is alright.

We know that we have arrived in Belgium because the roads change. Suddenly we have square wheels. The roads so far the roads in Belgium have been shocking and they don’t really change all the way to the campsite.

We arrive and it is a fully automated check in. Stick your credit card in, answer a few questions and the barrier opens and you go to the pitch printed on the entry ticket. Simple.

Nice! “Stoop Waffle”

It’s a nice pitch so we settle in for a spot of lunch and a witter and a coffee with a “Stroop Waffle”, a biscuit with a caramel filling that you heat on your coffee cup before eating it, before getting the bikes off and making for Bruges and all the frites we can eat!!! It’s a nice easy ride into town except Del has to do it twice as he’s left the bike lock back at the van, what a dope.

We have a look around the town which is heaving, so to get away from the crowd to get a better view of the town so we take a canal tour. It is a lovely place, Bruges, and has quite a history but by god it’s expensive or are we Brits just poor?

We want mussels and chips and find a place with the loudest decor with a huge red hen outside, all a bit odd. It was a great dinner.

A kilo of mussels in white wine, chips and a nice strong Belgian beer, well when in Rome and all that… After dinner we finish off with another local dish – a waffle, loaded with fruit, chocolate and cream… Golly and we have to cycle back. Thank god it’s only 3km. Once back at ‘Jess’ we recount the day over a shot (or two) of our 30 year cognac that we bought a few weeks back in France. It’s almost finished!

Yeah. Bruges. It’s alright. Go there!

Home tomorrow via the wine supermarket at Calais. Oh dear!