Happy birthday King Willem-Alexander Claus George Ferdinand. (Billy Al’ to his mates)

27th April 2019 2 By admin

27th April 2019 Voorhout‌ day 2 – 0km

Today we wake up to a complete contrast to yesterday; heavy cloud, wind and it’s freezing. On the up side it is the King of Holland’s birthday today, King’s Day in Holland. We were thinking of going to Amsterdam today but a local motohoming neighbour overheard us discussing our trip and came over and advised us that with it being King’s Day it might not be a good idea to go to Amsterdam. So today we will stay put on the farm and cycle to the coast which is 7km away, we may get soaked but hey!

We have the usual long breakfast. They seem to go on forever these days a good thing really, taking our time and just chatting away. It’s good. Before getting the bikes off the back we have to wait for a particularly sharp shower to end.

Before we finally set off we have a look around the farm, a cattle farm, one barn full of older cows and another with calves all separated by age from 1 week to 6 months.

“Reservoir Cows”
Born 8/11/18. Bless

They are very sweet, cautious but curious. We spend more time than we should have admiring these beasts but they do deserve a bit of our time.

At last we get going. We are off to Noodswijk which is a seaside town. Not long into the bike ride the heavens open and we get a quick dousing. Nice. We press on. The cycling here is excellent, you could go for miles, very very flat and in excellent condition.

More tulips.

Cyclists get either their own road running parallel to the main road or in residential areas all of the roads are marked out left and right exclusively for bikes. H loves it, being a bit of a nervous cyclist on roads.

Noordwijk is lovely, very smart, clean and tidy, full of places to eat and drink with a very long sandy beach full of bars etc. However it probably looks better in the sun. Something we have been saying a lot in the past few days. It’s a miserable cold day but people are out and about on King’s Day. What a patriotic bunch.

Fish and chips in a cone!

We find a fish and chip shop and have a go. The fish is excellent. It all comes in a traditional cone and the fish is served in chunks rather than the full fish. The batter is very tasty, it has a slight curry taste to it. Excellent.

Time to get back, the cold is getting to us so we make our way back to the bikes via a walk along the beach. It’s so cold and the wind….!!!! Well….

A day at the seaside!!

We have a good 8k ride back via a different route this time and stop in the town of Voorhout which is having a King’s day jamboree, fair or whatever they are called. Yep it rains again! Back at the van we get the heating on and settle in for the rest of the night with Bob Marley and a glass of red.

We sometimes get a local visiting…

Hope the King had an umbrella today!