A long drive today, well our longest at least on this trip. We are now heading home. We are halfway through our final week of 5. We are up and about reasonably early and have a short simple breakfast. The festival is staring to come alive again with people milling around with a few still hung over and asleep on benches nearby. We are tired today. A combination of two late nights and no exercise is already taking its toll.

We clean up and set off, mostly motorway today but we do get a good last look at the Rhine as we snake our way along the east bank north towards Koblenz the then west towards Holland where our next stop will be.

We are proposing to stop at a farm but when we get there it was full, our first turn away. We drive for about 20 minutes to a town called Landgraaf. Not much goes on here but they have a new Motorhome parking spot which is very nice, pay as you drive in, 10 euros a night with all the facilities available to empty fill and clean all your tanks.

Early night. After dinner a short walk. We can hear the Neverland festival in the background. Not another late night of noise…? No we get back to the van and we are well shielded from the noise.

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