Well it has finally come, 5 full weeks later we are making our way home to the Isle of Wight. It’s going to be long day. Poperinge (Belgium) to Calais, a 1 and a half hour ferry to Dover then the drive to Portsmouth, another 40 minute ferry and a short drive to home. Non stop…

We are up early today, 7am. We pack up, fill up with water, empty the grey tank and empty the toilet.

Our first stop is to Calais but before the ferry we are stopping at the Wine Supermarket where we plan to stuff the van full of wine to take home. Classy.Well you have to don’t you? Lots of variety and very cheap…

The drive is short, 50 mins and we are sitting tin the carpark waiting for the store to open. Yes we are that desperate. Hayley has pre-ordered our 10 cases of mixed wine and fizz and sure enough its ready for when they open and it’s not long before we are off and making for the 10 minute trip to the ferry with lots of time to spare. The van is fullish of various red, whites and fizz, in the kitchen, the entrance door and the shower tray. Ram it in!

But hold on a sec, the fuel gauge is showing almost reserve. First thing to to do is get fuel as soon as we get off the ferry in Dover. I think you can guess what’s coming later…

Whilst waiting in the line to get on the ferry we spot this ambitious family having breakfast behind us. The full ensemble of chairs and table and fully laid out for breakfast.

A smooth uneventful ferry crossing but an expensive and rather poor quality breakfast. The weather is bright and clear, the sea like a pond. Good. We get in the van and straight away ask Google for the nearest petrol station, excellent there is one as soon as you get out of the ferry port. Google maps directs us and tells us that the Tesco petrol station is… right where the customs building is…. How the hell…? The needle is creeping into reserve rather quickly and the range indicator is now zero and we are frantically trying to ask Google for the next filling station which is… 1km away, uphill, no reserve and no range showing, this will be close. The traffic is thick with cars, trucks and busses filing away from Dover but at last the beautiful golden shell of the Shell filling station looms into sight over the hill… Did we make it. Just. 55 litres later and 67 pounds lighter in the wallet we are off towards Portsmouth on some of the worst roads we have experienced. Shocking really.

We get to Portsmouth early and make the short crossing to Fishbourne on the Isle of Wight. 9 hours in total.

Yes it’s good to be home!

Now back home we can look forward to our next trip later in the year. We are not sure if it will be France or Spain but we have plenty of time to decide. Meanwhile Jess our van has been cleaned up and put to bed for a while. It was a great 5 weeks and we already miss her. It’s a great way to get around and see places.

Thanks all for reading. See you soon.

Del. H and Jess xx


3 Replies to “Last day… Going home! Poperinge – Isle of Wight 245 Miles”

  1. Sounds like a brilliant trip, you have kept me entertained for 5 weeks. Thanks it’s been an alcohol fuelled trip 😂

  2. Thoroughly, thoroughly enjoyed reading about your trip and felt your sadness too as Jess’s maiden voyage of 5 weeks finished. Entertaining and definitely inspirational 🙂

  3. Hello Carol, Del here…. Thanks for reading and glad you enjoyed it… We are looking forward to the next outing…. When ever that will be… All the very best……

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