We have said this before and we are now saying it again. We are in France again, and for the third time of saying it. We like France.

Landgraaf was very nice a clean and tidy spot. What we did notice was an intensity in the amount of flies there. Loads of the them, at one point we had 8 in our small van annoying us as they do. The other thing we noted is that the locals allowed their dogs to poop in the green areas around the site without cleaning up. Not so good Landgraaf. Clean up after your dogs! Other than that, very nice.

Another long drive. Landgraaf is situated in the small southerly bit of Holland that pokes into France. It’s not very wide so you can scoot across that bit of Holland quite quick, as we did, 206 km later we were in a beautiful site called CAMPING MUNICIPAL LA BOISSELLERIE in France.


A lovely place in the middle of nowhere not far from the Belgian border. Everything is there that you need and the staff and the people in the village are very friendly. So friendly that the local museum and mill were closed today on a Monday but the guy who looks after it saw us peering in the window and opened up and gave us a demo of the water mill in action and a foot powered lathe. Which was nice.

Yes it might not sound much but the chap was so friendly and keen to show us that you can’t help thinking that there are truly nice people in the world even if it’s not earth shattering in what we were shown.

A short bike ride in the late afternoon followed by a very pleasant dinner in the evening.

In the distance we could hear music playing so set off to investigate. In the centre of the small village was a bandstand that tonight was hosting a little 5 piece jazz band which was well attended with the locals also selling home made crepes and selling local beer. Charming indeed.

So will today be the last day in France or will tomorrow…? We can hazard a guess…



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