Despite this particular site not going down as one of the best we did, all the same have a great evening and woke up to a lovely sunny day.So when it’s like that you don’t really care where you are. Breakfast was had at the site outside the van and a leisurely one it was too. We could think of worse places to be.

Today we are heading for our last stop on this trip back to the place where we first stopped on mainland Europe, Poperinge in Belgium. A very nice charming site which is basically a farm but has all the facilities you need for camping with a van, including good free wifi. Cheap as well at only 20 odd euros for the night.

The drive was mainly motorway, lots of cars, lots of noise. We finally arrive just before midday and are welcomed by the very friendly people there. They let us choose from three spots and so we settle in once again behaving just like regulars. It’s a lovely place this part of Belgium. We take one of the many charted walks in this area and visit the site of the German V1 missile launch sites. Not a great deal to see granted, just a few concrete slabs where once the firing sled once stood, but interesting all the same hidden away in the dark forests of Belgium.

The rest of the day we just sit around and enjoy the sunshine with the occasional beer. Again.

As this is the last place in Europe for this trip we are going to have dinner at a restaurant that we found on our outbound journey, called the Jagerhof, this is the only ‘real’ restaurant we found nearby. They serve good food and serve a good selection of Belgian beers. It’s a short walk away so that’s the evening taken care of.

Dinner was a huge success. A good hearty steak and frites with a salad and two strong Belgian beers.

The walk back was wonderful as the sun was starting to set through the trees, the air was still, fresh and warm so we just stood there in silence for a moment to take it all in no sound but for evening bird song. Fantastic.

Oh dear home tomorrow…

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