This really really really is the last day in France. Felleries yesterday was smashing. Today a longish drive, mainly on motorways and skirting the largish towns of Vincennes and Lille with its busy intersections and complicated slip roads. We have missed two weeks of van cleaning so she is looking like an off roader right now. Very dirty, very mucky. We find one of those fantastic car washes that only the French do right. You drive in and there are a selection of hoses, jet wash options and programs to use, just pay as you go. We spent 9 euros but it was worth it, she is now in showroom condition again.

Two hours later we arrive at the town of Herlies near the Belgian border. A quiet town with a municipal camp site which is ok, we have our own space surrounded by trimmed hedges etc. and it’s very nice and private.

However right now at 6 in the evening there are far two many kids running around and making too much of a racket. Hopefully they will get fed up and leave. It’s a nice site though, everything here and very clean and tidy. Windy today.

Earlier today we had a short walk around the town which was cute with a massive refurbished church. Quite something to see.

Oops.! We didn’t do this by the way!

A quiet day and night. It’s our last day in mainland Europe tomorrow and we will be stopping for our last night in the place where it all started.


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