Trivia of the day: The vine slopes of the Mosel valley are the steepest in the world with a slope of 65 degrees. Try and harvest that!

Today we wake up to a bit of a cool, cloudy day in Luxembourg. No matter, sometimes the change is nice. After yesterday’s bomb of a breakfast it’s fruit and yogurt this morning. Today we are off back into Germany for the next few days making our way north along the Mosel river taking in as much of the wine region as we can. Only 10 days left before home… On the Luxembourg motorway a few of the bridges are especially fenced off and built to look ‘foresty’ so that the deer can cross over to the other side and feel at home while doing it. Bless.

Deer Crossing

The drive was pleasant and the change in the countryside was obvious as we crossed the border into Germany. Lots of rolling, steep hills of vineyards.

We are heading for a small ‘stellplatz’ right by the river in a town called Schleich which has a full view of the sloping vineyards. What a great view. With broken sunlight dappling the vines. Fantastic.

We waste no time and after a bit of a clean up of the van we unhook the bikes and set off for the nearest town of Mehring, a round trip of a staggering six miles. The cycling here is great, relatively flat and easy and you get to cycle through the vineyard itself.

This whole area is awash with ‘Wineguts’ or wine producers/sellers, most of which double up as guesthouses but we are surprised to find that it is dead, empty, nobody about – well there might be one or two people milling about but considering the month and where we are we kind of thought that it would be busier. Suits us though. The town of Mehring is very clean and tidy, very nice. We stop and have a drink in the only local cafe before setting off back to the van.

On the return trip to the van we stop at a Wine Keller and sample three of the local wines. German wines tends to get a bit of a bad press but out of the three two were very nice and one of which we bought a bottle of. It was very nice and we will save it for a German dinner once the sun returns! Once back at the van we take a cold beer on a bench perfectly placed next to the van by the river watching the peaceful world go by.

There is only us and a van from Belgium here so it promises to be a very pleasant night.


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