The night at Beilstein was very nice, good campsite but poor value for money really as you didn’t really get much by way of services and you had to pay for other stuff that is normally included at other sites. No matter the view of Beilstien village across the river was superb and the time spent there was very pleasant.

No great challenges today. We are going to a ‘stellplatz’ in a small town called Bergen which is still on the Mossel going north. The stellplatz is situated in a hotel carpark. Doesn’t sound great but when we got there is was excellent. The hotel staff were very friendly and helpful, everything we needed was available and we had a fantastic spot right by a stream. Very peaceful and private. Surrounded by high hills and woodland it certainly goes in our top 5 of stays. Once settled in we take off for a walk into the small town. Like all German towns we’ve seen so far it’s very clean and tidy, the people are fiendly.

So far so good. On the way to town we noticed a strange speed limit. For tanks… Thought those days were well over.

Once in the town we couldn’t really help ourselves but we had to have a some local apple pie and coffee. It was a massive slice, big enough to use as a wheel ramp…

A lovely evening was had at the local Hotel Waldeck and their 15 euro buffet. Big fan of owls the owners of this hotel. Little uncomfortable at times… We like owls but everywhere you looked there was a ton of them staring at you. Toy ones, wood carved ones, clay ones in fact every type of material you could think of was transformed into an owl…

Tomorrow we are moving further up the Mosel to Loreley or Lorelei depending where you are from.

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