What a place!

28th April 2019 0 By admin

28th April 2019 Voorhout‌ to Zierikzee 116km‌

We had a lot of rain last night, but a lot! It didn’t stop! However this morning the wind has stopped, it’s calm and there is a bit of blue sky showing. Today we are moving south again.

We only came this far north to go to the Keukenhof which was well worth it. So now it’s south again, then Bruges then home! Today we are going to a place called Zierikzee a small town, some say city, on the west side of Holland in Zeeland. By all accounts the campsite there is excellent.

Rotterdam in the rain!

Del‌ is at the wheel today and our trip will take us on the complicated motorway network in Rotterdam which boasts the biggest port in the work outside of the far east. We set off and we are getting our usual dousing of rain, short, sharp showers. What a pain. We pass some spectacular industrial sites around Rotterdam. Oil and chemical works, container yards, it’s all here and its chaos! Holland is a small land mass so it doesn’t take long before we are back in the countryside and better weather. At last.

The rest of the journey was great. Since the heavy and damaging storm of 1953 a lot of the sea defences have been re-built and make great driving as the roads are relatively new and it is very picturesque. In fact on this trip Holland has the best roads. Excellent in fact and great to drive on.

What feels like a lifetime but was probably only and hour and a half we arrive at Camping Kloet Sure enough it is a beautiful place. Very clean and tidy and we get our own ‘trees all around’ pitch.

Free eggs! Bless!

Electricity and water on the pitch, amazing. Free wifi and, a new one on us – free eggs from the hens that they keep here. Wow!

We set of for the town of Zierikzee. We love it here. It is a stunning place with lovely buildings, streets all on a canal and river. Very traditional Holland, almost like a miniature version of Amsterdam with lots of different gable ends on all the houses. Very pretty.

After a good couple of hours walking around we go back to base and have a quiet dinner in and plan the remaining two days that we have left. Lots to do when we get back…

Tomorrow Bruges in Belgium. Mussels and frites!