Today Del is at work. Work…? It’s a stop off really while we are on holiday. We are continuing our way up the Mosel then acrosss to the Rhine to the beautiful town of Loreley or Lorelei to do two days work at an annual festival. We do a quick diversion though to go to what was until last year the longest walking suspension bridge in Europe, the Geierlay Hangenbrucken. Very very good. A great view as you walk along the 400m span of Steel line and wood, 100m above the valley.


Hayley took the wheel for the most challenging drive so far. Very steep, twisty and at one point frightning, going down an 18% downward road, noticing too late that vehicles over 2.8t were not allowed as it was so steep.

We are 3.5t. The smell of brakes at the bottom was worrying but all was fine as we made it towards probably the world’s most expensive ferry, 10 euros for two people and our van of 6m for a ferry of approximatley 1 minute. Wow! Once on the other side we are spiralling our way up the hill and down again to Loreley. As the crow flies its probably 5 minutes but the road has to go all the way around and back on itself taking almost 20 minutes.

After some confusion with security, which is normal at these kind of festivals, we are finally shown where to go. We are tucked in nice and safe behind all the buses and trucks with a nice grass bit to stick our chairs out on for a drink.

The production show us around and give us passes for access, food and drinks and leave us alone to get on with it. Off we go exploring the event. A stunning location for a festival or concert. This is a three day event called the Night of the Prog. The view from the top of amphitheatre is just stunning as the Rhine winds its way through the country just as the sun is setting.

After a few drinks dinner is had in catering then we are back to the van for a shower. Del is working at midnight tonight for an hour or so setting up for the show tomorrow…



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