Derek Jones

Stage and Television Lighting Design

Good stage lighting can make all the difference between making your production or event spectacular or just ordinary. Derek Jones lighting design provides a creative and professional full service lighting design from concept to final production.

Thanks for stopping by. I realise that time is everything but please do take a look around at some of my projects. It's not everything I've ever done in my long career, nor is it one of those long lists of "I've done this and I've done that," but it will give you an idea of what I can do. My work is flexible and varied, from small business meetings to large arena and outdoor venues. Car launches, parties, DVDs, TV and theatre are just a handful of areas that I have been involved with. I enjoy what I do and my approach is to get the job done with the minimum amount of fuss and drama. I'm resourceful and I deliver on time and on budget…

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